Layered Shirring Skirt, Black


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Shirring skirt with layered cotton and nylon skirt

This is a skirt item developed from Amomento's signature design, 
the sheer jersey dress. Sheer, lightweight nylon is layered over a
miniskirt made of cotton blend material. The string stoppers on both
sides allow you to adjust shirring and volume, creating a variety
of silhouettes. The zipper and hook fastening located on the side
line make it easy to put on and take off, and the pocket included
in the inner miniskirt enhances practicality. This item emphasizes
a unique mood with sheer material that is transparent on the inside.
Amomento signature design Cotton blend miniskirt Sheer and light nylon long skirt String stoppers on both sides Side zipper and hook fastening Inside miniskirt pocket *Actual colors and details are most similar to the detailed images.

Designer: Amomento