Interchangeable Link Necklace in Gold and Silver SPlit


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The Interchangeable Linked Collection provides endless options for you to mix and match metal colors and sizes. 
Buy one and wear it alone or collect different pieces to create various color combinations of both necklaces and bracelets!
*Additional video shows how you can further customize our Interchangeable Link Collection. 

What the necklace includes:

  • 2 Hinged Link Clasps: 1 in 14k gold, 1 in silver
  • 4 Link Chains at 6 Links each: 2 in 14k gold, 2 in silver


  • Necklace Sizes: 15.5" and 17.75"
  • Small to Medium Bracelet Measures: 7.75"
  • Large to XL Bracelet Measures: 8.5"
  • Recycled brass with 14k gold
  • Handmade

How to Wear:

  • Connect all 6 pieces (4 Link Chains + 2 Hinged Claps) for a necklace look.
  • Connect 2 Link Chains for a bracelet look, fits small to medium wrists. 
  • Connect 2 Link Chains plus one Hinged Link Clasp for large to xl wrist sizes.

      The Machete jewelry label was established in 2017, designed by Jennifer J. Matchett. Machete jewelry is a line of eco-conscious, affordable jewelry for everyday wear. All materials used are Italian imported, high grade, cellulose acetates. Importantly, Machete jewelry is ecologically friendly, and does not support unfair labor practices. Machete has been featured on and throughout publications worldwide.

      Designer: Machete