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Julia Heuer

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Digitally printed in recycled PET.

Handmade in Germany.

Julia Heuer is a brand that is best known for dynamic prints and artisanal, handmade plissé. Before launching her eponymous fashion line, she was the Head of Print Design for renown textile company Jakob Schlaepfer where she created unique prints for various fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Comme des Garcons, and others. Most recently, Heuer was awarded the prestigious Swiss Design Prize in 2016 for her Adobe Indigo collection. Each piece is hand pleated in the traditional technique of the Arashi Shibori. Each item that you receive is individually handmade. Pattern placement, pleating and measurements may vary as each piece is rolled around the tubes by hand and bound with thread before it goes into the oven to change its shape permanently. Any irregularities are not mistakes but a sign of the valuable and original handmade process of a Julia Heuer piece.

Photographer Lorraine Hellwig

Designer: Julia Heuer