Duna Gold Ring, Rose Quartz & Blue Topaz


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“Greetings from the ocean depths.”
Two oases in the middle of the sand.

Los Peces is SImuero's collection of aquatic pieces, with gill breathing, irregular textures, metallic extremities, and golden shades. To feel like fish in water.
Gemstones pieces, marine forms, grooves created by the sand, the collection in which you can find salt and water marks.
Each Simuero piece is individually made tin Valencia, Spain.
This piece is handmade in an unique and artisan way so it may have slight imperfections
For further details, or if we can help in any way, please email info@simuero.com
MATERIALS: 18K Gold plated Silver 
STONE: Blue Topaz and Rose Garnet
PRODUCT CARE: Keep the jewel as dry as possible. Avoid contact with liquids (oils, perfumes, creams, etc.)

SIMUERO is wild jewelry, unique and unrepeatable.


They aim to produce conscious pieces influenced by textures and shapes from our environment. Their collection explores different forms of nature and transforms them into wearable sculptural objects.

Designer: Simuero