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Jersey Rhinestone Tee

Collina Strada

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Hand dyed t-shirt using single use tees from the Kantamanto market in Ghana. Oversized shape with exaggerated sleeves, asymmetrical hem. Tramp stamp heat transfer on the front with a rhinestone fringe. Patchwork.

Each piece will be unique as different t-shirts are used for the tops and bottoms of the dress.

 By partnering with The OR Foundation we are supporting their goal to catalyze a justice-led circular textiles economy. Kantamanto Market in Accra, Ghana is one of the largest resale, reuse and upcycling economies in the world with over 25 million secondhand garments being recirculated and upcycled every month. Kantamanto has also become a dumping ground for the Global North’s excess where unsold deadstock and donated clothing is causing an ecological disaster. Working towards sustainability means working in solidarity with communities like Kantamanto that have been cleaning up fashion’s mess for decades.

Made in New York

100% upcycled t-shirts


As well as a ready-to-wear collection; Collina Strada is a platform for climate awareness, social awareness, change and self expression. Sustainability is a journey.

Designer: Collina Strada