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101 Rose, Sweet Pea, & White Cedar Eau de Parfum

Bon Parfumeur

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101 rose, sweet pea, white cedar

Eau de parfum
30 ml (1 fl. oz.) ‚ 50ml (1.7 fl.oz.) ‚ 100ml (3.4 fl. oz)

Rose and musk, sensual and delicate.

Damascene rose petals blowing in the wind, thrush bells, floral air. The green note takes its form and the musk in the base note gives a soft cotton print. The patchouli note offers this perfume a cypress facet.

Produced by Ludovic Bonneton, former digital director of Yves Rocher, Le Bon Parfumeur is a Paris-based company producing perfumes containing three basic scents. Designed to be mix-and-match, the collection is coordinated by color label with the first digit of the scent signifying scent family.

Designer: Bon Parfumeur